RyAura on Being a new Minimalist and Inspiring the Millennial Woman

By Tara Creel | January 16, 2018

Fun fact: So,¬†I started on my minimalism journey nearly two years ago. I had naturally been applying it to so many aspects of my life beforehand, but once I found out there was a name for it, I became obsessed with the growing community. Now, two years later, I like to connect with other minimalists to remain inspired and to stay connected to the feelings I felt in the beginning of my journey. Because here’s the thing; it’s easy to start the process of clearing out your home of unnecessary junk, but the continual effort of maintaining¬†minimalistic values takes much more work, focus, and intention. Recently I found Rya as I was searching for intentional living blogs and instantly knew I wanted to bring her to The Blissful Elefante. Something in my gut told me she would resonate with most of my readers. Rya only recently started her journey of…


A Planner to Help You Simplify Your Life: The Simplified Planner!

By Tara Creel | January 8, 2018

I am a simple girl who likes simple things who writes a blog about simple living. Simple. Honestly, I feel like I can breath a…


So Long 2017! Reader Favorites and Special Memories!

By Tara Creel | December 31, 2017

Well guys. This is it. The year is coming to a close (say what?!) and in less than 24 hours we will be kissing 2017…

Christmas Eve Box

A Peek Into our Intentional Christmas Eve Traditions!

By Tara Creel | December 26, 2017

Okay okay okay. Look, I know it’s December 26th … making this post a day late and a dollar short (or rather, multiple days late and a bunch of dollars short.) There’s an explanation that involves a new phone, a new computer, and a camera repair but that’s a whole lot to get into that will bore you and drive you away. I am going to justify this being late by saying that the concept of our Christmas Eve tradition is something you can do for any occasion throughout the year. Valentines Day, an anniversary, or a random Tuesday in the month of June. This tradition encourages being together, so it’s something you can do with your children, partner, or friends. So here’s how Christmas Eve typically goes in the Creel home. I invite aunts, uncles, and their children over earlier in the day so the kids can run around…

Christina Janel Photography

Merry Christmas From our Family to Yours!

By Tara Creel | December 26, 2017

It’s currently 7:00, on the night of Christmas. The kids are taking a shower, washing up after a busy day, as my husband and I…

The Green Smoothie The Blissful Elefante

Simple Plant Based Meals to Combat Holiday Overwhelm

By Tara Creel | December 13, 2017

Is anyone else sad that Christmas is so soon? I know, that makes no sense coming from the girl who loves Christmas. But like, the…

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