2017 Health and Fitness Plans: Yoga and Plant Based Eating

Well well well, 2017 is off to a fast start. I realize it’s so cliche of me to say this but I feel like it was only five seconds ago that we were coming into the New Year and yet here we are. March. I just turned another year older and dare I say wiser? Uh, can one say that about one’s self?

I know we’re here to discuss my plans for 2017, but let’s quickly discuss resolutions, shall we? I’m not typically one to set a “resolution” per se. Rather, I create goals for myself and map out how I am going to go about executing them. I suppose you could say that’s a resolution but it’s less I want to lose 10 pounds this year, and more I want to take a more gentle approach to fitness.

Every year I define the year using one word or phrase. In 2015 it was self-discovery. Last year that word was transition. I won’t get into the dirty details of it all because I already did that in ——> this <—— video, but in short I made some pretty major life changes. I left a business, switched to a more compassionate way of eating, took my first trip overseas, completely minimized our house creating a more serene, minimalistic environment, and so much more! Basically it felt like a year of change, aka transition.

Yoga Pose

This year my goal is to be more compassionate of my body, loving it fiercely, treating it with kindness, and caring for it in a way that is gentle while at the same time effective.

Now that we’ve established that, what are my health and fitness goals for 2017? Watch this video and continue reading for more:

For the past few years I’ve spent my days doing some of the most intense, results-driven programs from the comfort of my own home (enter: Insanity, Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme .. just to name a few.)

While those programs are incredible and I am such a fan, it became clear to me that I needed to take a huge leap back and focus on healing my body from the inside out. It’s imperative that I get things back to where they need to be (explanation of my neck/back injury to follow,) and take an even more holistic approach to being my best self. Also, as a minor side note, after four years of being completely immersed in the Beachbody world, I felt it important to see my health and fitness journey outside the lens of Beachbody. To be clear, I’m still a fan of all things Beachbody and still use the products on the daily, however I believe it’s widely important for a person to diversify themselves so growth can occur.

Yoga pose

This is why for 2017 I have decided to take up Yoga. That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see me pick up a set of weights or carefully challenge myself with Shaun T’s newest program. but Yoga will be my primary focus.

I made this decision because I felt I needed to slow down; to get in a good workout without the wear and tear associated with jumping and squatting and pushing and pulling and whatever else that fool has me doing during his workouts.

I’ve been attending Yoga classes for about three months now, 3-4 times a week, in a little studio in town.

yoga pose

yoga pose

Let me tell you something; Yoga is something I never knew I needed but am so thankful to have found. There’s something so therapeutic about it and in the three short months I’ve been in attendance I’ve noticed some phenomenal changes within myself.  These changes are evident in my mindset, in my day to day actions, and in my Snapchats to you all (@taracreel.)

There are mornings where I wake up feeling stressed to the max. Yoga is the absolute last thing I want to be doing. But something about that room calms me. The moment I step into a class my mind shuts off and I’m completely immersed in the flow of positive energy to my mind, body, and soul. I leave each class feeling refreshed while also recognizing that my body was challenged in the most gentle of ways.

The only downside I’ve experienced thus far is that I am so accustomed to a go go go intensity. When I do something I want to be the best. Yoga is no different. There are very brief moments in which I feel frustrated because I want to do the complex poses that are advertised all over Instagram and Pinterest. I have to remind myself that it’s not about twisting my body in the most obnoxious of ways. It’s about connecting with the earth, breathing compassion and healing into my body, and taking a gentle approach to my fitness.

yoga pose

Maybe one day I’ll be a “yogi,” but maybe I won’t. Who knows? Next year I might be onto the next thing. For now, it’s working. And for now, I’m passionate about it.

I’m not going to dive further into my beliefs of a certain way of eating, but I will say this: being gentle with my own body while refusing to exploit the body of an animal … it has placed a peace in my heart and a calm in my soul that is hard to explain. Again, I will never say never to anything, but this is what is working for me currently and it’s been such a journey discovering these different sides of myself.

2017 is for growing business, loving myself and my body fiercely, making a difference in the world, and travel . . lots of travel.

It’s all a part of the ride!

xoxo, t

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