Blissful Delights | Weekend #3

Hey guys! Here we go. Thanksgiving has passed and now we are officially onto the busiest time of the year! I imagine it’s the same for most, but seriously, at this point things do not let up for our litle family.

We always host Thanksgiving dinner in our home so needless to say, we have been busy. Regardless I always enjoy spending the day with my family and I cannot wait until we are all gathered together once more. My uncle just recently passed away from a long, difficult battle with cancer so Thanksgiving this year just felt much needed and appreciated compared to years past.

That being said, now we have moved on to my favorite time of the year. I’ve always been obsessed with Christmas and those feelings are only hightened by having children. I’m talking ugly sweaters, giving back, festive music, and christmas lights… everywhere!

I know it seems completely opposite of everything this blog represents, but I honestly feel like Christmas is the most intentional time of the year for so many people. Everywhere you go families are laughing together, people are donating gifts and money; particpating in selfless acts… Yes, consumerism is at an all time high but I guess it just warms my heart to see people thinking about others while also treating themselves.

That being said, I have been taking the time to really prioritize myself and my family above all else despite the chaos and with that has come some little delights in my week. P.s. do you get the whole “Blissful Delights” thing now that The Blissful Elefatne has launched? Get it get it?

Let’s discuss this week’s Blissful Delights, shall we? Enjoy!

  1. This blog has been at the top of my must read list. I recently got that chance to interview Viktoria and that post will go live soon. Be on the lookout!
  2. I know people have strong opinons about this book, but I couldn’t put it down (over bubbles and epsom salt baths.) Let’s just say I have my own “Fifty,” minus the borderline abusive and controlling tendencies.
  3. Continuing with the theme, I have watched this movie a total of five times. The complex nature of this relationsip and the backgrounds of the people who are in it intrigue me.
  4. Ever hear a song that speaks to your soul on so many levels? This song did a number on me recently and I can’t stop listening!
  5. I am usually two seasons behind, but I’m catching up on this show. As someone who dealt with a health issue that people cannot physically see, my heart hurts for Yolanda as people question her disease.
  6. This podcast is so fun! I am fascinated by the stories of those who persevered with their creative endeavors despite living in a world that struggles to understand creative minds.
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