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Here we are. Launch day. A day I started to think might never come. Every time I took a step forward, I was forced to take two steps back. There were times when I wanted to throw my hands in the air and surrender to the defeat. Ultimately, I knew this was a passion project that needed to get out, regardless of the time and money I had to invest.

To me, this is new. But for you, it will appear much of the same — and you wouldn’t be wrong. This is a time for me to continue with my journey of helping other women live a life free of stress and overwhelm; A bit of a “refresh,” if you will. However, on your end, nothing is drastically changing.

We will still be discussing the same topics you have come to know my blog and YouTube channel for: health and wellness; minimalism, travel, and a plant based diet. That has not changed.

 The Blissful Elefante Topics

What has changed is the brand name and the focus of intention behind the brand.

Lets start at the very beginning of this all…

What is The Blissful Elefante?

The Blissful Elefante is an intentional living blog dedicated to helping the modern day woman simplify her life to free up time for things that matter to her most.

How did you come up with the concept behind The Blissful Elefante?

Throughout my lifetime I have found myself constantly overwhelmed by day to day tasks and responsibilities. As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur I often felt like I was sinking, unable to catch my breath under the weight of my to-do list.

A few years ago I started to simplify everything to combat overwhelm. I traded numerous cleaning products for more natural, all purpose ones. I stopped purchasing excess makeup and kept my “go-to” items. I removed clutter from my home to cut down on upkeep. Basically, I did everything I could do to make my life as simple as possible.

One day I realized that if I was feeling this way, woman all over the world must be feeling the same. With life moving at a faster pace every single day, I wanted to create a space that gives women a chance to breathe.

Enter: The Blissful Elefante.

The Blissful Elefante is an intentional living blog dedicated to helping the modern day woman simplify her life to free up time for things that matter to her most.

Through the act of intentional living, I have created a freedom and fulfillment that I want to help pass on to other women in this community and I will be using this platform to do so.

What is the meaning behind the name The Blissful Elefante?

For as long as I can remember I have considered elephants to be my “spirit animal.” I feel connected to the symbolism of Elephants and admire their grandiose beauty. Elephants exude strength while also remaining compassionate. The elephant always remains intensely focused on family and will risk everything to protect her female dominated pact. Depending on the culture/religion, the elephant can represent strength, wisdom, luck, happiness, pride, patience, loyalty, and longevity; all things which I hope for The Blissful Elefante.

The Blissful Elefante

The Blissful Elefante

“Elefante” is the spanish translation for elephant. As you explore this website you will quickly learn that I have a fierce love for travel and cultural experiences. My family and I frequent Nicaragua which happens to be one of my favorite places on the earth, in Central America, a primarily spanish speaking country. My husband is Nicaraguense which makes my children half, so I take great pride in teaching them about their cultural background. The use of “Elefante” as opposed to “Elephant” represents the travel portion of the blog; the desire to visit as many places as I possibly can, learning about and embracing each place and culture for what makes it special.

Travel The Blissful Elefante

When contemplating what feeling I want my audience to experience when visiting the blog, I kept coming back to the word “bliss.” The goal is to help you simplify your life which will ultimately help you create a “blissful life” where you are happy, fulfilled, and inspired to do more, see more, feel more, and think more!

Why did you make the switch to branding yourself as “The Blissful Elefante” as opposed to your previous personal brand “Tara Creel?”

Since 2008, when I started uploading videos to YouTube, I have branded my platforms as my first and last name, Tara Creel. I did this because I was inspired by the likes of Lauren Conrad and the empires they have created. However, as I have grown throughout the years I have realized that I want to create a brand based around community as opposed to my personal life.

When a woman comes to the website and sees “Tara Creel,” she won’t feel a specific feeling. She certainly won’t leave with an understanding of what the community represents.

When a woman comes to The Blissful Elefante, I hope she leaves with a feeling. A thought. An idea. I hope she feels encouraged to engage with the community and become inspired to do good in the world in her own way, using her own unique gifts and talents. I hope she leaves feeling like a part of our “herd.”

What can we expect from The Blissful Elefante?

You can expect content that is geared towards inspiring you to live a simple, fulfilled life with the focus being on wellness, fitness, minimalism, a plant based lifestyle, and travel.

The Blissful Elefante is a space that is less about the “things” in life and more about the experience.

Who is the ideal audience?

The Blissful Elefante reader is someone who craves a life of fulfillment. Someone who is overwhelmed by the expectations of the world and wants to get back to basics, doing things on her own terms. Someone who hopes to spread the message of charity and empathy. The Blissful Elefante is for the reader who wants more out of life than the typical 9-5. For the creatives and the inspired. For the hopeful and the dreamers.  

My hope is that every women that lands on The Blissful Elefante will leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. We not only want to inspire you, we also want to provide you with actionable steps to simplify every aspect of your life.

We welcome women from all walks of life, with a variety of beliefs.

Viewers will visit the Blissful Elefante to gain tools and knowledge to live a life free of stress and overwhelm.

What is your mission statement?

We help to inspire the modern day woman to simplify her life and free up time for things that matter to her most.


I hope you are as excited about this next chapter as I am!

In a world that moves so quickly, I want to inspire and encourage you to slow down, focus on you, and continue to build a life that you are proud of and inspired by.

There is so much beauty to be seen. The blooming of a flower. The laughter of a child. The intimacy between lovers.

I hope to help you see these things, every single day.

Love you always, Tara

* Big THANKS go out to Lindsay at Writefully Simple and Anastasia at Donut Island Design for helping bring this passion project to life!

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