Santorini, Greece Travel Guide

My favorite thing to do is to travel. When I think of my “ideal future” it consist of the majority of my time jet setting around the world with my family with very little time spent settled into a home.  Over the past few years my husband and I have made this a priority in…

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Empathetic The Blissful Elefante

How Experiencing Trauma Made me More Empathetic

I know what you’re thinking upon reading the title of this post – duh, trauma will make any person more empathetic. I get it. It seems like such an obvious revelation, but it wasn’t so obvious to me. In fact, it didn’t hit me until I was 7 months out from my traumatic experience. Here’s…

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Life is Hard.

So uh, hi. Hello. It’s been …. awhile. Three months. Ouch. I kept meaning to update. I was still uploading my hysterectomy recovery videos to YouTube and I had every intention of taking those videos and posting them to the blog. To be honest though, even that took more energy than I had to give.…

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Blissful Delights | Weekend #2

If this is your first time reading the “Blissful Delights” series, be sure to read the first post I did a few weeks ago. That post will explain what it is, why I’m sharing, etc. But here we go, weekend two! To be perfectly honest, I was planning on doing these posts more often, and perhaps in…

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