I’m a Woman. I Shave my Face.

… And no, it doesn’t grow back thicker. Had to get that out of the way ASAP because it’s always the first concern for women. Now look. It’s not like I have a full beard or mustache. The hair on my face is super light. Pretty much nonexistent to the eye unless you are really…

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Empathetic The Blissful Elefante

How Experiencing Trauma Made me More Empathetic

I know what you’re thinking upon reading the title of this post – duh, trauma will make any person more empathetic. I get it. It seems like such an obvious revelation, but it wasn’t so obvious to me. In fact, it didn’t hit me until I was 7 months out from my traumatic experience. Here’s…

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6 Things I Learned Through Trauma Therapy

By this point you have read here, here, and here that 2018 has been an exceptionally difficult year for me. And not just for me, but for my family as well. In fact, I posted my most vulnerable video ever to my channel talking about it. Edit: attempting to talk about it. Put it this…

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