A Peek Into our Intentional Christmas Eve Traditions!

Okay okay okay. Look, I know it’s December 26th … making this post a day late and a dollar short (or rather, multiple days late and a bunch of dollars short.)

There’s an explanation that involves a new phone, a new computer, and a camera repair but that’s a whole lot to get into that will bore you and drive you away.

I am going to justify this being late by saying that the concept of our Christmas Eve tradition is something you can do for any occasion throughout the year. Valentines Day, an anniversary, or a random Tuesday in the month of June. This tradition encourages being together, so it’s something you can do with your children, partner, or friends.

So here’s how Christmas Eve typically goes in the Creel home.

I invite aunts, uncles, and their children over earlier in the day so the kids can run around and play together while the adults catch up and have a relatively relaxing evening. Shortly after we order food. Once everyone is done eating, we move on to the point of this post —>

The box.

Christmas Eve Box

What is “The Box?”

The box is a Christmas themed gift box (duh) full of items that encourage bonding and intentionalism.

Now, if you follow my journey with minimalism, you’ll probably have guessed that the only things my family and I really collect are books and movies.

In this box (one per child) you have:

  • A pair of pajamas (bonus points for penguins wearing Santa hats)
  • A Christmas themed book
  • A Christmas themed movie
  • Popcorn
  • Hot cocoa

Christmas Even Box

The children hop into their new pajamas, cuddle up with a blanket on the couch, and watch a Christmas movie as I prepare popcorn and hot cocoa.

Once the movie has come to an end, we bake cookies for Santa, set them out on our special Santa plate, and crawl into bed to read our Christmas books.

Christmas can be an overwhelmingly exciting time for children and I find that this annual tradition helps to keep them grounded while reminding them about the true reason for the season.

And because the box is full of mostly consumable product that we eat and/or pass onto someone else who will value it in less than a year’s time, we avoid bringing a bunch of unnecessary items into the home that will sit around and collect dust.

Win win.

Christmas Even Box

Other times you can do this:

  • Following a college graduation (include some career focused material.)
  • On Valentines Day (why go out when you can stay in with good food and a good movie?)
  • Before a wedding (think of items he/she can enjoy on the honeymoon.)
  • The birth of a baby (hey, mom deserves some pampering too!)

Basically any major milestone or heartbreak can be made better with a collection of purposively chosen items to fit the mood. It’s a way to be 100% present with those that you love, cheering them on through the good times and encouraging them during the bad.

… and I will leave you with that!

Personally, I always fall into a bit of a slump on the 26th of December. I’ve said it time and time again; the Christmas season is my favorite time of the year and leaving it behind makes my heart a little somber.

BUT! No time to dread. New Years is right around the corner and I love me a new year!

Happy Holidays,


Christmas Even Box

Christmas Even Box


Christmas Eve Tradition


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