Day 1 Ultimate Reset Review

Today completes day one of the Ultimate Reset. I will discuss in a later post why I chose to do the Reset, but for now I will just break down day 1.


The food was fabulous! I was a bit scared that “resetting” would mean eating some really bland foods. Of course I am only on the first day, but so far so good. Gotta be optimistic, right? I am not a person who enjoys scrambled eggs unless 1. my mother cooks them, or 2. they are paired with mushrooms, peppers, and onions. In fact, just the thought of them made me nauseas. For breakfast we were allowed scrambled eggs, steamed spinach (or kale,) and a piece of toast. Rather than eat those things separately, I threw the spinach in with the eggs and laid them on top of the toast.


And then water, water, water!

Lunch was miso soup, three cups of salad, things added to the salad, homemade dressing, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Again, delish! I had heard mixed reviews of the miso soup so I am thrilled that I enjoy it! In fact, it may be a quick meal staple in my home from this point on. I am a salad lover so that was a no brainer, and the seeds were a nice change up from my typical meal!



Dinner was salmon, asparagus, and baby potatoes. I am not a huge fan of salmon, but it’s something I will eat if need be and this recipe was surprisingly delicious!  The asparagus was tough. Long story short, I’ve always hated it growing up, started to enjoy it recently, and then started to hate it again even more recently. Just the thought of eating the asparagus made my stomach turn, but I figured it was a mind block and went ahead with it anyways. That decision ruined the night for me. The asparagus made me incredibly sick and made the rest of the dinner less enjoyable (although I was grateful for the potatoes!) I chose to skip the snack today because I wasn’t obsessively hungry. I was satisfied.


I caught a cold yesterday (a day before the Reset,) so some symptoms I am experiencing are from that rather than the reset. I will say though that my joints in the hip area started getting a little achey towards the end of the day, as well as my lower back. Nothing extreme or annoying, just a little bit. I was up doing chores all day long and finally sat down to watch a show for a few minutes so I imagine that has something to do with it. I got my evening walk and stretch session in and now I am ready to go!

Over all, day one, not much to report. It was just an average day with little struggle or changes. I felt really energetic up until about 3:00 when the “I want dinner” mood kicked in!

Oh, the supplements! Okay, so I added the mineralize to the water, took the optimize pill, and drank the alkalinize shot. I had heard really horrid things about the alkalinize shot but that didn’t scare me too bad. I’m the type of person who hears, “it’s so disgusting!” and thinks, ah come on now, it’s not that bad. It will be fine. Totally not as bad as people have made it out to be and if you add lemon, it taste like a [poorly] made green juice you buy at a juice bar.

*I weighed in on the morning of day two solely because someone asked me if I had lost any weight and, to my surprise, I lost 4 pounds. It’s amazing the bloat you carry around due to unhealthy foods and drinks. I am not doing the Reset to lose weight, but if I lose 5 pounds by the end of it, I’ll be thrilled!

Come back tomorrow for day two!

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