Day 2 Ultimate Reset Review

Day two, in short, has been fabulous! Much better than day one by a long shot!


Let’s discuss. Last night (day one) I felt so blah by bed time. I spoke about it in my last posts, but my cold had gotten the better of me. I was sick, exhausted, and emotional. For the first time that I can remember, I was actually scared to go to bed. I figured I wouldn’t sleep well because I just felt miserable. My face was on fire (cold,) my stomach was nauseated (asparagus,) and I wanted bread, dangit! Surprisingly, I got the best sleep I have had in awhile. Probably since before I had my second child who is now 21 months old. I woke up rested and excited to start the day’s meal plan.

Breakfast was bomb (in a good way.) I am a total carb lover so the oatmeal was everything for me. I eat oatmeal with blueberries on a normal basis so it was familiar and satisfying. Much better than the eggs (I love eggs, don’t get me wrong, but I usually pair them with my oatmeal.) I’m not a huge yogurt fan so I feared the yogurt on the side, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were allowed to mix it with natural maple syrup and that really hit the spot for me.


Water, water, and more water… again. I put more focus on my water intake during the day since day one required me to finish off my gallon right after dinner, before bed, which caused a major tummy ache!

Lunch was amazing, as well! It was a salad with homemade greek dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pine nuts. The portion was huge (one whole lettuce head,) and the combination of juicy cucumbers and tomatoes with the crunchy pine nuts was superb. That’s not to


mention the dressing loaded with all sorts of herbs! This lunch hit the spot. Again, it totally outdid day one.. by a long shot!

I put the kids to bed and headed off to the grocery store. Day two cravings hit much harder than day one. I love bread. Any kind of bread. My favorite being mexican breads/desserts. I live for them! Even now, talking about it, my tummy started to grumble. It’s my weakness. I’ve got to have it. I crave breads more than any sugar laced treat. So, there was that. But even more interesting, I went to the store and started thinking how amazing things would taste even though I would have never given them a second glance in the past. Apparently this is common amongst resetters. I’m okay with it though because supposedly those foods have a bit of a nasty taste once your palette has been cleansed for 21 days.

I was looking forward to dinner tonight because it seems to be a “fan favorite.” For dinner we had a black bean and rice taco with a side of salsa mixed in avocado. My kind of dinner. Delicious. But, not filling enough. Two servings would have done me well, but the one has left me laying in bed, hungry. Ouch.

UR2Dinner UR2Dinner2


Aches and pains were non existent on day two. That is until I got home from the gym (my 20 minute walk,) and started cooking for myself and the family. I was on my feet for a little over an hour and now my back is paying the price. However, it’s bearable and hardly noticeable.  My walk at the gym was a 3.3 mph pace. I started to feel the muscles surrounding my left shin tense up during this time but it was short lived.

Over all, it was a much better day than the first! Food was better, aches were lessened, and I was excited for what’s to come!

Talk soon!

Tara Creel

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