Day 3 Ultimate Reset Review

Three days in. Honestly, it feels like I’ve been at it at LEAST a week, but so far, I’m not minding it!


Day three has been great! Actually, it’s all been pretty great when I really stop to think about it. The only time I feel like I have any complaints is towards the end of the night when I am hungry and tired. But in actuality, that’s how I feel during a normal day as it is. So when I REALLY stop and think about the process, there hasn’t really been anything out of the ordinary minus the tiny bit of aching that occurs. And the hunger? Shoot! I’m hungry 24/7 anyways. All day, every day. Day in and day out. My body never stops asking for food. Okay, now I’m just rambling about things unrelated directly to the Reset. Apologies.

UR3BreakfastBreakfast was one of my favorites today. I’m an egg person. I eat eggs every single day, without fail. So when the Reset calls for eggs, I’m a happy camper! However, rather than do the suggested 2 scrambled eggs, I did two fried. There was no difference. I used the same amount of oil suggested for the scrambled, so I saw no point in eating the eggs in a way I don’t enjoy. Also, the day’s meal called for one piece of toast but I accidentally read “2” and ate accordingly. No, seriously, it WAS an accident. I think my stomach was speaking for my brain. Either way, that breakfast lasted me until a [late] lunch which is saying a lot considering I was up for a meeting at 5, therefor I had to eat super early! Oh, yes! I also chose to eat the spinach raw this time as opposed to steamed/cooked and I much preferred it.

LunchNutsLunchLunch2Lunch was filling today. The most filling of the three days so far. These photos show the pumpkin seeds in a separate bowl, but I proceeded to top my salad with them, desiring an additional crunch. Choice well made. It added some nice flavor and hit the right spot when it came to the texture of the meals. I also really enjoyed the green lentil salad, something I have never eaten in the past. I like things that are a little “gritty” and this was just that. I gave my husband a bite [per request] and he showed a strong desire for it, followed by a second bite. He shared with me that he would eat this regularly and even craved it after having a taste! Ding ding ding!

Dinner was nori rolls with tempeh (think sushi with a meat substitute,) and veggies, Japanese cucumber salad, and Miso Soup (we’ve had this prior to this day and I mentioned it in a post.) I am a BIG sushi girl so I was super excited for this meal! I joke and call my husband and I “fake” sushi lovers because we don’t touch any of that raw stuff. This meal was comfortable for me and I loved that! I am a big soup and salad kinda gal. Need I say more?




As for any feelings I’ve had… well, I found my lower back hurting a tiny bit but, again, only when I was up cooking for an extended period of time (I cooked three separate lunches for myself, the kids, and my husband.) Once I sat down to relax, the “discomfort” was relieved. I am finding that if I sit for a period of time (30 minutes to an hour,) my body has little aches when I stand up. But, again, this subsides immediately. It’s not even really worth noting.

I felt a bit emotional today. Not sure if it was related to the Reset, but I started missing family from back home. I think it is probably due to not having a choice of what I eat while on the reset. I’m sure that subconsciously flared up feelings of not being able to choose to see family right then and there. No choices. Make sense? At the same time, I felt a sense of calm. I was put into a new situation today which, normally, would cause me anxiety. Today, there was no anxiety. I felt calm and assured about the situation and I left feeling on top of the world. Another weird thing that happened is that I was craving meat. I cooked meat for my husband (my special recipe,) and I wanted it. This was worth noting because I have never once in my life craved meat. Ever. I am SOO not a meat girl. I can live without meat, no problem. So again, I think it was a mental game. The “I should be ‘allowed’ to have this meat” mentality kicked in. Also, I cooked pancakes for the children today and that was rough. Remember, bread girl over here.

No choice

I’m only on day three but if i had to say what the hardest part of this experience is, it is doing it with children. If it were just me and my husband and I were cooking for the two of us, it would be easy peasy. Not only do I have children, I have two young children. This means that I serve them everything. They don’t get food without going through me. I cook their meals, I pour their cereal, I peel their bananas. And what makes it even harder is they are both extremely tiny and on a high fat diet. So, not only do I have to deal with their food all day, I have to deal with high fat, deliciously tempting foods. If I had children who served themselves and I wasn’t PHYSICALLY touching the food all day long, it wouldn’t be as hard. Not to mention having to avoid licking of the fingers. And did I mention I typically finish off their meals. Nope, not anymore.

Oh! And one more thing (I promise!) I’m not sure if I mentioned it previously in a post, but I have lost 6 pounds! Now, I’m not a big girl. I don’t have much weight to lose. I figured I may come out with a loss of 5 pounds total. Losing 6 pounds in two full days has opened my eyes to a possible situation. I’m not a doctor and therefor, I can’t know for certain, but it seems to me something that I eat daily does not agree with my body. Why else would I lose 6 pounds in two days? It seems as if something is reacting negatively with my body causing me to retain weight.

Well that’s something for me to think about on this journey!

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