Day 5 Ultimate Reset Review

It’s day 5 and I don’t have a lot to report so I’ll keep it short today!

Day 5 Collage

The only complaint I have about today is that I was bored. Today’s dinner included two repeat meals (miso soup and vegetable stir fry,) and well, I was bored with it. Now, don’t get me wrong, they were both just as delicious as the first time around. Delicious, satisfying, the whole nine yards. But I usually wake up excited about what I’m going to cook next. Excited to try new things. I didn’t have that to look forward to today. So again, good, but boring.

No aches, no pains. Had a magnificent night of sleep (didn’t even wake once!) And I feel like I am able to sit down and finally focus on work again! My mind has clarity.

Went to the movies tonight. Again, it was a mindset thing. I wasn’t hungry, but I am used to having a little something something while watching a movie (it’s not something we get to do often.) That feeling was short lived though because I’m not a candy person, and I’m not a fan of the microwaveable meals that theaters serve. I am, however, still struggling with the mental cravings. I want anything and everything that I am not allowed on the Reset. When I’m eating, I’m fine. But between meals, I start longing for things I can’t have! Bread has been the biggest thing. Iced coffees being the second solely because it is there every day on the way to my daughter’s school and I am craving cold foods/drinks (iced drinks, frozen yogurt, etc.) Again, things I rarely eat.


The hot cereal was such a nice change from the usual oatmeal or eggs. I’m glad they gave us even more breakfast options!

Vegetable Plate

Pesto Hummus

I am finding that I am a big fan of this pesto hummus and I plan to keep it in the house from now on! I tried hummus in the past and hated it.

Quinoa Salad

Still one of my favorite dishes on the Reset. The grittiness mixed with the juiciness is addicting. It’s a subtle flavor and it’s fun!

Stir fry vegetables

Better than the first night.

Brown rice

The nori gomasio gave the brown rice a nice flavor!

Miso Soup

This go around I added more green onion. I also added a teeny tiny bit of himalayan salt. I still enjoy the miso soup but eating it plain has become boring. I’m excited to add different vegetables to it!

Day 6 meals are completely different from anything we’ve had up to this point so I am excited for that!

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