Follow Me Around Nashville — Coach Summit 2015

Howdy, folks! See what I did there? Might as well bring in a bit of my southern roots since we’re talking about NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE today!

A little bit of back story. I haven’t been too many places. When I was a kid our idea of a family vacation was going camping at the springs or in the Florida Keys. We went on an out of state trip one time to Maryland/Delaware and I was obsessed! I also went camping, repelling, and rock climbing in Alabama with my in-laws and now husband one year while I was in high school.

To this day (I think in part to these trips,) I have severe wanderlust. I LIVE for exploring new places, whether foreign or abroad (I haven’t been abroad . . YET . . but I DID get my passport this past year! Eeek!)

In 2012 I signed up as a Beachbody coach and my life was forever changed. It not only took me on a physical journey, but a spiritual and financial one as well. Now I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been and I am blessed to take vacations at the expense of Beachbody! Last year we celebrated in Las Vegas, Nevada but this year we had the privilege of road tripping it to Nashville! But what made the trip most memorable is that fact that my husband was able to join me and we experienced this beautiful new place together!

Side note: In our seven years of marriage, nearly ten years of dating, we’ve never taken a trip, just the two of us. That made this trip extra special. Magical. Cheesy, I know. Moving on.

Unfortunately I was so absorbed in my passion for the city, I didn’t get a lot of photos or video footage. But I did bring you along for the last 24 hours of our trip! Join me?

Over all, our time in Nashville was incredible. We will definitely be returning and in fact we purchased our ticket for Summit 2016 [in Nashville] THE DAY they went up for sale. That’s how committed we are to coming back!

After road tripping for over 12 hours, the last thing we wanted to do was head down to the “Nashville strip” and listen to loud music while bumping into drunk people.


Instead we chose a nice little fine dining establishment next to the Country Music Hall of Fame. I feel horrible because I don’t recall the name of the place but the food was phenomenal. The chef specializes in seafood and boy can you tell! My husband ordered the octopus and went back for a second plate because he said it was the best he has ever had.

Hanzel and I

I ordered the meatballs and it was equally phenomenal. The craziest part? They sat a plate of three meatballs in front of me and I thought, no way will this fill me up! But the flavor was outstanding so the three ended up being MORE than enough!


The next day we decided to take the free time I had to do something fun and active. We chose to go to one of the best indoor rock climbing gyms in the country, Climb Nashville. It was an insane workout while having a ton of fun. My husband made it to the top of every wall. I did not. But if you are visiting the area I say definitely make this a place to be!









We did some climbing and made our way back to the hotel for about two hours to get some rest. After that we were ready to get out and explore the city! After walking around for a bit we decided on a bar/restaurant called the “Honky Tonk.”

I am not a bar hopper. It’s not my scene. Not even a little bit. In fact, the one time I went bar hopping I just sat back, awkwardly, wondering how in the world people do this for fun. Too many people, too little of a space, too much damn alcohol.

The Honky Tonk was different, as are most bars in Nashville. It’s really about sitting back, listening to good music, while eating food that is really bad for you, and drinking drinks that you wouldn’t drink otherwise. We enjoyed the Honky Tonk so much that we ended up returning every day of our trip. So if you get anything out of this post, GO TO THE HONKY TONK BAR & RESTAURANT and dance your booty off! Oh! And be sure to tip the musicians. They play for tips (whereas the paid talent comes out at night.)




Fun fact: I’ve always enjoyed fried pickles, but they make me sick. We ordered some from the Honky Tonk and not only did they NOT make me sick, they were the best darn fried pickles I’ve ever had in my life!




We left the restaurant and walked around for a bit, enjoying our time outside before the craziness of Summit and taking it all in. I fell in love with downtown! It screamed country living! While I don’t necessarily closely relate to many of the small town country folk where I live, I do enjoy the atmosphere of it all and the feeling of “home” that you feel when you are around good people, good food, and good music! Perhaps thats why I fell so hard for this city!


“Downtown” often feels stuffy; so many business suits, quick-eat restaurants, and parking garages. But downtown Nashville feels like vacation!



The following day I met up with my teammates for a bit to say hello and welcome them to Nashville! Not long after, we met up with hundreds of other coaches on our larger team to take some photos and set the mood for Coach Summit 2015!



My girls

Summit Intro

We met up for pictures, enjoyed our day listening to keynote speakers and the best of the best in the industry . . . but then it was time for fun! Took my girls to our new favorite place (The Honky Tonk,) and had a blast sharing stories and celebrating our success!

I made memories with my team and my husband that I will never forget. I left feeling humbled and blessed by the opportunity we have been given to change lives while changing our own in the process! It wasn’t until Beachbody came into my life that I started seeing every little thing in life as a beautiful blessing. I never knew true, lasting friendships until these ladies (pictured above) joined me. I’ve seen more and done more things since joining Beachbody as a coach than I have in my entire life! I feel excited about the position I am, I feel humbled by being surrounded by so many incredible individuals who are out to GIVE rather than receive, and I feel thankful to this company and these people for giving my husband, children, and I a life we never even dreamed of!

 I don’t have the desire to turn this post into a “hey, join me!” type of post. But what I do want to tell you is that we are no different than you. There are people in this photo who have quit drugs, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to premie babies, purchased homes in cash, beat depression, lost tons of weight, quit full time jobs they hated, got out of abusive relationships, quit a second, third, and even fourth job . . . this is not a “one size” business. It’s also not a business for everyone. It’s hard work. But if you have a desire to help others, changing the world one small act of kindness at a time, and improve your own life, it might be something worth looking into.

I hope you enjoyed joining me on this journey! I can’t wait to return next year and show you even more must see places!

x tara

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