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If you are a long time reader, you may have noticed I don’t often share product reviews. As someone who strives to live more intentionally by the day, I am very deliberate with the items that come into our home, and even more so about the items that remain. Therefor, I don’t often have much to review.

Typically if an item doesn’t fit into one of these four categories, it has no place in our home:

  • Does it offer value (do we use it regularly?)
  • Does it bring us joy?
  • Is it entertaining?
  • Does it teach us something?

The only thing I truly collect is books. I do so for a multitude of reasons, but the overall theme is that I find immense value in books and they continue to be a source of good in my life for years to come.

When I had children it was a no brainer, do as my mother did: encourage them to read as much and as often as possible. I am happy to report that at 7 and 9 years old, my children love to read. Whether it’s by themselves, with each other, or during our nightly bedtime routine, reading is their go to.

Because they consume so much of the written word, I try to be intentional about what they read. I encourage a love of story telling and imaginary worlds through pieces of fiction (that they choose themselves,) but the majority of what I pick out for them are books that start conversations. Anything ranging from books about lying and sharing; to female empowerment and changes in the body. I want them to enjoy reading while also giving them resources to learn and grow.

The books I choose are not only enjoyable for my children, but they also help me as a mother to create an open dialogue about the world they live in and what part they play in that.

To put it simply: books are an integral part of our lives.

Now that you can fully comprehend our love of books, I had to tell you about a company that creates the most incredible books for families, Hooray Heroes! Specifically I want to tell you about the “When ___ Grows Up” series. I purchased these books for my children for Christmas and they are my most favorite gift.

Hooray Heroes The Blissful Elefante

Hanzel and Serenity Hooray Heroes

First things first, what makes these books so special? In their own words,

At Hooray Heroes everyone actually is the hero of their own story. Our personalized books starring your little one as the hero of the story will whisk parent and child alike off to a land of endless imagination.

And just what exactly makes them so special? Well to begin with, they’re personalized, unique, poetic, and full of life and magical adventures. And each of our books does have a life of its own. It has its own voice and character, so naturally it would have its own personality, too – just like its hero.

So to put it briefly, your child is the star of the book. No two books are the same.

Hooray Heroes The Blissful Elefante Books

Hooray Heroes The Blissful Elefante Boy Books

Hooray Heroes The Blissful Elefante Girl Books

When you purchase a book you write a dedication, customize your child’s character, customize your character, and choose 10 stories in the form of poems. Your child will see their name and likeness in each story you choose. There are 20 different stories, including but not limited to stories about a soccer player, astronaut, veterinarian, chef, globe trotter, and more.

Hooray Heroes artist the blissful Elefante

hooray heroes career the blissful Elefante

Hooray Heroes Globetrotter The blissful Elefante

Serenity is a daddy’s girl through and through so I saw it only fitting to purchase her the “Daddy Edition.” It has been a massive hit for the both of them.

My husband and I sat down together, wrote our customized message to each child, and chose the stories that most suited their passions, hobbies, and ideas about what they want to be when they grow up. It has been so fun watching them read the stories and appreciate the likeness of the character we created to represent them!

Hooray Heroes Daddy Edition The Blissful Elefante

Hooray Heroes Customize The Blissful Elefante

The only downside to the books is that certain stories do contain a narrative that encourages the consumption of animal product. As someone who eats a plant based diet I don’t enjoy Beef Wellington and fresh milk references. However, these mentions are such a minor part of the story that it does not change my opinion about the book and the benefits that outweigh any small drawback. It would be difficult to create a poem about a chef that is suitable for every reader and I am ok with that.

Additionally, in the “When ___ Grows Up” series, there is a quick mention of the second parent waking up for the day, so if you are a single parent with a sensitive situation that is something to be mindful of. I have not yet purchased any additional books so I am not aware of what is mentioned elsewhere.

If you are interested in other books by Hooray Heroes, their additional options include a Christmas book, a birthday book, and a sibling book (this one is currently in my cart!) They have also given you the option to purchase your book with a gift box that is specially created to fit any occasion that doubles as a board game to keep the fun going.

Bottom line, Hooray Heroes is a small, up-and-coming company who has this family’s full support. As of this moment I have only purchased the growing up series, but the sibling book is in my shopping cart and I will be purchasing the remainder of the options in the future as well.

I am not affiliated with Hooray Heroes, however I did reach out to them after my purchase to see if they would like to offer a coupon code to my readers. Katie was happy to offer a coupon code for all of their books which will be active until the end of January (2019.) Visit www.HoorayHeroes.com and use the code ELEFANTE15 for 15% off at checkout. And be sure to follow them on Instagram for future book launch announcements!

Let me know if you’d like to see a post on some of our other favorite books.

Happy reading,

xo tara

When Serenity Grows Up Hooray Heroes The Blissful Elefante



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