I’m a Minimalist


Wow. This is my first time publicly declaring this, and as some of you may be aware, labeling yourself one way or another online with a following is risky. In a matter of seconds people start to pick everything you do and say apart — “you’re not *this* because this,” “you said you weren’t *this* but now you’re doing *that*.” You’re basically setting yourself up for failure in a way. But I think it’s important to be raw and transparent, and today I’m doing just that.

I am a minimalist.

Many of you have heard of the term. Some of you possibly not. Others may feel like it’s just a trend that I’m jumping onto. But this is deep rooted for me.

I speak about it in the video, sharing some past experiences, but let’s just put it this way — something in my life has always felt . . . off . . . for lack of a better word. I could never place my finger on what it was and I always just credited odd quirks or every day overwhelm.

After being introduced to minimalism, it all made sense. Everything I was feeling.. everything I strive to be.. everything I strive to do… comes down to minimalism.

In the video I keep referring to “clean” but that’s a misspoken word on my part. It’s not about being “clean.” It’s about my surroundings. About STUFF. Things that mean nothing and make me feel nothing. Even more so, things that inspire me or prove to be functional.

I am DEEPLY affected by my surroundings and it’s so much more than just working from home and needing a “clean” space.

I feel like I’ve been enlightened. Everything make sense. My desires to uproot and travel the world. My overwhelm by clutter. My insecurities about projects.

For the past few weeks I’ve put all of my focus on ridding of the unnecessary. It’s taken up a lot of my time and attention, but I’ve never felt so free. And with every passing day, I feel less and less dragged down by worldly possessions and desires. I feel like I’ve found myself. And I want to continue sharing that with you.

Thank you for being apart of my journey and my crazy antics. Your support means the world and I am SO thankful for all the beautiful souls that have been placed into my life.

x tara

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