The Toughest Workout on DVD: Insanity Results and Statistics

It has been five years since I completed Insanity. Five! Honestly, I’m not quite sure how I want to start this post or where I want to go with it.

You see, back when I completed this program I threw up some before and after photos and statistics and called it a day. Since then this post has seen a lot of traffic via Pinterest (you can find and follow me HERE) so I have decided to come back and edit it. To add to it ….

The original post doesn’t give much insight into what I was feeling or where I was at in my life, and that’s not fair. It’s not fair to the person who stumbled across this photo on Pinterest and gets the impression that I swiftly glided through the 60 days of Insanity.

The truth is it was hard. Really freaking ridiculously hard.

At this point in my life I had just had my second child. I was exhausted. To the point where I couldn’t function. Still to this day I can’t recall a lot of time within that period in my life because I was exhausted beyond words. I remember calling my mom, at a red light, sitting in front of a Fresh and Easy, telling her that I knew I was not suffering from postpartum. I didn’t look at my child with resentment. I didn’t feel unhappy. I was just inexplicably tired and it made me miserable.

I had gotten to a place where I didn’t feel good. I felt like the worst version of myself; unmotivated, frumpy, uninspired, unhealthy… I had tried Insanity previously but failed to follow through. Then the time came where I was just ready; ready to do whatever it took to feel GOOD! And still to this day I tell people that you won’t complete Insanity unless you are truly, honestly, deeply within yourself ready for change. And I was. I did the 60 days and change occurred.


I’m not going to bore you with the full details because I’ve spoken about all of that which you can find on my YouTube channel HERE.

What I will say is that Insanity changed my life. It started me down a path I didn’t even know was desired. I felt incredible and people took notice. I looked leaner, but that’s nothing compared to the change I felt from within. I started to receive lots of questions and I began to see the power I had to inspire others. With the belief and the desire to inspire others, I started as a Beachbody coach.

Today I no longer coach. At least, not actively. I still have my account. I still purchase Beachbody programs and do them regularly. And I still drink Shakeology every single day. But despite having success as a Beachbody coach, my priorities shifted. I stopped selling the product and started selling me.

The goal became to inspire people, all across the board. Not just with fitness. Not just with health. But rather, overall wellness. Simplification of ones life to live the most fulfilled, enjoyable life possible. The desire to show people that life doesn’t have to be chaotic, fast paced, and full of overwhelm.

This blog, as well as my YouTube channel, became the place to share my passion for all things health and fitness. It became a place to share the benefits of living life as a [practical] minimalist. It became a passion to share my love for a healthy, plant based lifestyle that is kind to our bodies and animals all over the world. It became less about the stuff, and the extremes; and more about life experiences and balance.

So yes, maybe you found this image on Pinterest and you came here because you wanted to see someone with an amazing transformation. But what you will continue to find is a person who believes in balance and living life to the fullest.

It’s cool though. If you are still here for the results, I’ll leave my before and after statistics below. I will also link additional posts and videos that refer to Insanity.

And yes, five years later I still highly recommend this program to the person who is serious about change.

So that’s that. Hi. Welcome. Please stay. Because if you came here for Insanity results, there’s one thing I know about you. You are committed. Committed to change. Committed to bettering your health and bettering your life.

I will help you do that. Continue scrolling for the statistics as well as additional links to posts/videos that I believe you will find helpful.




“B” represents before and “A” represents after.

If there is no “B” or “A” that means I do not have a before measurement.

Weight- B: 137 | A: 123.2
Bust – B: 33 |  A: 32
Waist – B: 29 | A: 26.5
Hips – B: 36.5 | A: 35
Right Thigh – B: 22 | A: 20
Left Thigh – B: 22 | A: 20
Body Fat – B: 16.4 | A: 13.5
Right Bicep – 11
Left Bicep – 11

15 inches lost in total!


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