Robotic Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: Week 5 Recovery

Insecurities, weight loss, PMS symptoms, and more! Week 5 was a real hoot (*insert sarcasm.*)

Looking back at week 5 I so clearly remember the headspace I was in at that time. I was broken. Just utterly distraught. I spent so much time in an extremely unhealthy, unproductive headspace which I think is evident from this video. Actually, if I’m remembering correctly, I REALLY didn’t want to film this day.

I’m watching these videos and seeing the pain and insecurity in my eyes and on my face, and I’m choosing to be proud of myself — proud for going through a period in my life that was so traumatizing and so devastating but coming out the other side. Sometimes I wonder what my recovery would have looked like without all the emotional distress.

That’s what is so real about these videos though. How many of us go through life without pain and hardships? Zero. So as hard as it was going through it first hand, I feel happy knowing that I can help another woman face this recovery head on, despite all of the pieces of her life seemingly falling down beside her.

Watch the video below or continue scrolling for timestamps.

( 1:04 ) Attended my first event that required formal wear.

( 1:12 ) Discomfort wearing a form fitting dress and Spanx.

( 1:40 ) Started wearing tighter clothes.

( 1:45 ) Received comments about weight.

( 2:45 ) Boobs changing.

( 3:18 ) Dealing with insecurities.

( 4:28 ) First hair appointment post-op.

( 5:24 ) Leaving the appointment feeling refreshed.

( 5:44 ) Experiencing “PMS” symptoms.

I’m gonna go. But before I do, take a look at the dress of 5 week nightmares below. Okay, but not really because that dress was fire. I mean can we just with that neckline and slight raised collar? It’s Calvin Klein. You’re welcome.

Love love, t

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Week 5 Recovery Insecurities

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