A Second Trip to Leon, Nicaragua …. Near Death on a Volcano

Guys. We’ve been back from Nicaragua for about two months now. Is sharing the trip even relevant at this point?

Volcano in Nicaragua

Listen. There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that has kept me … I would like to just say busy, but in reality it’s been more like running around like a body without a head. We’ve been planning future trips (LOTS this year,) upping the YouTube/blog game, school events, diving back into my fitness game (I took up Yoga!)

I’d love to say this is the entire reason for the delay, but can we talk perfection for a moment?

Hilton in Nicaragua

Hotels in Nicaragua

We are two months into 2017 and I’ve come to realize I have a problem with perfection. My brain knows it’s unattainable. I know it’s impossible to do all, be all, and say all. Despite this knowledge, I keep wearing myself thin trying to get as close to it as humanely possible.

Maybe I’ll blog about that in the future but the reason I mention it is because honestly, I’m not super pumped on the photos I took of this trip. Because of that I haven’t be enthusiastic about sharing them. But the fact of the matter is, I just chose to be more present in Nicaragua this go-around.

Our trip last summer was the first time I had ever been out of the country. I was experiencing so many things, documenting every moment, learning about my husband’s upbringing. It felt like we were running 100 MPH and I went with it. This last trip I just wanted to enjoy it. To really FEEL the peace and the calm that comes from visiting a place like Nicaragua.

Kids in Nicaragua

I’ll end with this. Sometimes you just have to step back from it all for a bit. This trip was a major reason I came back to the states with so much passion and drive. As I’m walking the streets of a new place I’m thinking about YOU!

My goal with this blog is to help you live your best life, your happiest life. I hope to inspire you to keep things simple so you can focus in on your passions, dreams, and desires. I couldn’t possible preach happiness if I didn’t take care of me sometimes. So this trip may be two months out, but it’s still just as meaningful today as it was then.

Thanks for following us on our ventures!

Click play to watch the video diary and continue scrolling to see more pictures:

xx, tara

Oh! And by the way. I almost died volcano sledding. Last time we did it we told our guides that the boards were too slow and it wasn’t worth the hike. This time around they gave us new boards and let’s just say my body was thrown down a volcano at 75-ish MPH. Thankfully I escaped with just a few minor scrapes and bruises; and a mouthful of sand/rocks. No regrets.

Boats in Nicaragua

Hikes in Nicaragua

Hiking in Nicaragua

Hills in Nicaragua

Pigs in Nicaragua

Scenery in Nicaragua

Swimming in Nicaragua

Lakes in Nicaragua

Tattoo Artist in Nicaragua

Wedding Venues in Nicaragua

Food in Nicaragua

Birds in Nicaragua

Volcano Sledding in Nicaragua



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