Leon, Nicaragua VIDEO DIARY

Travel Diary Leon, Nicaragua

Leon, Nicaragua.

Easily one of the most refreshing places I have ever visited. There’s something so freeing about being in a place where people are just happy to be alive.

The people are happy. The buildings are lively. The children are giggling. The food is delicious. . .

It actually makes my heart hurt knowing that we aren’t just a car ride away, though it’s probably for the best (could you imagine getting any work done?)

My husband was born and raised in Leon. At 12 years old he moved to the United States and became a citizen, and until recently, he had not been back. The past couple of years he has had the opportunity to return for work. On this last trip the whole family went to take a vacation and enjoy the beauty of the country. It was a great opportunity for our children (6 and 4 years old) to learn more about where there father was raised.

I shared all of the stunning photos we took in a previous blog post, but now I’m thrilled to share a video diary with you!

All in all we had an amazing time climbing volcanoes and riding horses on the beach, amongst many other incredible activities. If you’re ever in Central America please consider this a “must do” because it really is one of the most refreshing places on earth!

Some places we visited:
Hotel Cacique AdiactMaribios ToursSurfing Turtle Lodge,
Cerro Negro, Monkey Tattoo, Poneloyo Beach
x, tara
Leon Nicaragua Video Diary
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