Musings About Deliberate Living with Viktoria of The Lifestyle Files

You know what I love?

A modern day woman that just gets it.

And by “gets it,” I mean the not so secret secrets of life.

The woman that understands that life is much more than what media throws into our faces every single day.

More than the advertisements that tempt us to buy the latest and greatest.

The toxic relationships that don’t add any value to our lives. The unattainable images of perfection.

Here’s the thing; a person can love material items. She can love all of the things that make life beautiful from a visual standpoint. She can love things that help her to provide an environment to nurture her family and entertain the people that she loves….

…. so long as she remains intentional. That is where the magic happens.

And that is where Viktoria gets it right.

Viktoria is the founder and writer behind The Lifestyle Files. She has a real talent for sharing beautiful things, but keeping these things curated in a way that adds value to her life while helping to inspire others.

“Minimalist lifestyle, maximalist attitude.”


Today Viktoria is here to share her musings about deliberate living while turning simple moments into meaningful memories.

Let’s meet her!

The Lifestyle Files

Viktoria! I am obsessed with you. Please introduce yourself:

I’m a brand strategist and business consultant by day, blogger by night. I’m trying to live an intentional life by making smart choices, building good habits, and turning simple moments into meaningful memories.

I’m also a huge skincare enthusiast, an avid organizer, a tireless wanderer, and a lover of all things sleek and minimal.

What is the inspiration behind your blog?

The Lifestyle Files is a blog focused on how to design a smart, stylish, more intentional life. I share my experiences, practical tips, and personal stories with topics around lifestyle, fashion, beauty, shopping, travel, decluttering, productivity, and personal growth. I’d like to inspire people to find and focus on what really matters in their lives and make the absolute best of it. I’m also a big fan of the minimalist aesthetic and share my favorite interior, fashion, and design inspirations.

Who is your ideal reader?

Anyone who wants to live a more intentional life, is interested in minimalism, simplicity, decluttering, organizing and slow living, but is maybe a little lost on where to begin. I have my fair share of struggles (that I openly write about) and I know that it can seem a little overwhelming. But I firmly believe we can all help each other and become a more conscious community by sharing our stories and experiences.

Your blog has a focus on smart beauty. Give us your number one beauty tip!

With my smart beauty series, I would like to encourage women to embrace and have fun with beauty and skin care, but do not blindly believe whatever the beauty industry and marketing is throwing at us. I’m a firm believer in research and education – on my blog, I look at common marketing claims (like anti-aging) and beauty tips (whether we need double cleansing and separate night creams) and try to find out whether they are true and effective.

My number one beauty tip would be to wear sunscreen religiously. I find it so important, I somehow sneak it in into most of my posts, because in my experience, people still do not take this seriously enough. UV rays damage the skin structure and greatly accelerate photo-aging. In other words, no matter how much money we spend on the most innovative skincare or most gorgeous makeup products, if we fail to protect our skin from the sun, nothing can cure, reverse, or cover that damage.

I love how you touch on all aspects of minimalism! How has minimalism added value to your life?

A lot of people think that minimalism is about owning as little as possible and a strange obsession with decluttering. My understanding of minimalism couldn’t be further from that. I think owning less is not the goal, but the result of living more intentionally.

I definitely became a lot more strategic and mindful when it comes to shopping. For me minimalism is about educating myself about what I buy and support with my money. I buy a lot less, but better. I’m also trying to infuse ethical factors into my lifestyle and shopping choices, like becoming less wasteful and supporting slow fashion and independent brands.

Minimalism is not exclusively about shopping and physical objects either. Being mindful about how I spend my time, focusing on what really adds value to my life, and freeing myself from outside influences are just as important parts of my minimalist journey as decluttering my home.

What would be your number one tip for someone wanting to live more intentionally?

You can start with small steps – living an intentional life is not an all or nothing game. Try to buy less, focus on quality, find some issues you care about, educate yourself, invest in self-care, and make up your own rules. And do not quit or be disappointed if you fall of the wagon or make mistakes, we all do. But even small changes can make a major difference both in our own lives and for the world.

Share with us a typical day in your life.

I work with different brands on building their business and marketing strategies, so every day is a new challenge with new tasks. I like to start my day early and do the bulk of my creative tasks (writing strategies, coming up with outreach ideas, or creating content) in the morning, this is when I’m the most productive. The afternoons are for running around, meetings, or doing photoshoots if the weather permits.

Because some of my days can become quite hectic or unpredictable, I really value and cherish small daily rituals that bring some stability and calmness into my life. I’m a big fan of slow morning routines – starting the day in a calm, deliberate way. For me, this includes burning essential oils, going through my skincare routine, listening to some inspiring or fun podcasts, and drinking my coffee and reading the news. Another one of my fix daily habits is an afternoon tea ritual. It’s brief, but helps me a lot to slow down a little. These small daily rituals do not really require a lot of effort or time, it’s really just a matter of dedication and habit-building.

You are a self proclaimed “wanderer.” Do you have a favorite place you have visited? If so, why?

For shorter weekend trips, I love exploring big cities – London, New York, and Amsterdam are my all-time favorites.

For longer vacations, I love road trips. There’s such a freedom in going wherever you want and stopping whenever you feel like. It’s really about living in the moment. One of my favorite trips ever was a Tuscany road trip – it’s such a stunning destination full of small, charming towns, beautiful landscapes, and amazing cultural sights.

What can we expect from you in the future?

2018 for me definitely will be the year of conscious choices, setting my priorites right, and focusing on what’s really important in my life and work.

My focus is also widening in a way – from the more personal, individual gains of leading a more minimal, conscious life to broader issues, like sustainability, slow fashion, or zero waste efforts. I also made it my personal challenge to find more stylish, ethical brands – I’ll definitely share my best findings.

I’d also like to share more personal growth tips and how to find balance and appreciate small joys in our life. And, if you’re also a fan of the minimalist aesthetic, stay tuned, because I also have a bunch of fashion and interior design tips posts lined up.


She’s fantastic, right? Don’t forget to follow Viktoria on Instagram. Her feed is totally on brand. You’ll love it, swear!

See you next time! xx, tara

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