How Minimalism Inspired My Travels

Minimalism Inspires Travel

This post was supposed to be to share a specific location with you. But as I edited photos and reminisced on our weekend, my thoughts dove deeper and inspired this post instead.

As a child my parents exposed us to a lot of adventures. Camping, dirt bike races, strawberry picking, historical walk-throughs. We were . . . busy. But we never had the opportunity to travel far from home. The furthest we ever ventured was a 14 hour car ride. At the time I loved it. But as I grew older I began to crave travel outside of the United States, for no real reason other than the fact that I never had. Very surface level thoughts, if you will.

Wekiwa Springs Boats

As I grew even older, I craved it for a different reason. I thought I was just so fascinated with other cultures that I wanted to travel the world; meeting new people, learning new languages, eating foreign foods.

Today that desire still remains, but it goes much deeper.

Wekiwa Springs Trails

A few months ago I discovered a lot about myself. Basically my deepest desires. It became crystal clear to me that I wish to live a certain lifestyle: enter minimalism.

The more I started to understand minimalism, the more I realized that I have zero desire to live according to societal “norms.” I don’t care about the big houses, the fancy cars, or the closets stocked full of goodies.

What this did was help me to realize why I was so strongly tied to travel. Right now my children are young so of course I want to be settled for their wellbeing. But when this phase of our life is over I don’t want to be “settled.” I want to be outside, doing things, moving my body. I want to be completely immersed in different cultures without any concerns of a house full of belongings “back home.” I want to experience life in the purest form alongside my family. Whether it be overseas or in our back yard, I want to be outside experiencing the beauty of life, free of daily responsibilities!

Wekiwa Springs Trails

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Minimalism to me isn’t some trendy thing to do. It’s about living a life of fulfillment surrounded by only the people I love and the things I enjoy and find value in. It’s about letting go of stuff and instead doing stuff.

In this moment, minimalism is about inspiring a simple life of travel.

— In case you are curious, this location is Wekiwa Springs in Florida. I grew up visiting springs so they hold a special place in my heart. I also really enjoy extreme temperatures (think ice baths, saunas, etc.) so I am down for a good swim in the freezing, breathtaking water. My family, however, didn’t enjoy it quite as much; they said the atmosphere was nice but their bodies didn’t enjoy the cold. Eh, to each their own!

Wekiwa Springs Fish

Wekiwa Springs Trails to Explore

Wekiwa Springs Florida Springs

Wekiwa Springs in Florida

I feel so blessed to be 26 years old and not tied down to earthly possessions and desires. The clarity that has come from minimalism blows my mind and it makes me so excited to share it with the world. I hope you will join me on this journey!

x, tara

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