My Authentic, Unglamorous Morning Routine! (Workouts, Meals, and Life)

I’m a busy busy gal. Eh, most days. 97%. But I’m also extremely routine . . “vanilla” some would call it. Predictable others may say. So when I realized my most requested video is my morning routine, I was a bit shocked. Well, a lot shocked if I’m being perfectly honest with you (which YOU KNOW GIRL, I always am.)

Morning Routine Tara Creel

If you have followed me on Facebook, or Snapchat, or basically anywhere in life ever, you know that I keep things pretty routine. I eat the same meals for months, do the same workout for weeks on end, feed my dogs the same food always; reeeeeal exciting stuff guys!

But cool, if people want to see it, I’m gonna give it to them because I’m a GIVER!

Hahaha, no but seriously. This video is an effort to try and put out more of what people actually WANT to see. AKA not another snooze-fest video about personal development or something equally as unexciting. Though, fyi, I find those things FASCINATING and you should too — life changing folks!

Get ready because today I’m sharing my authentic, unglamorous morning routine!

I’m sharing what I eat, the type of workouts I do, and the day-to-day responsibilities of a mother, business owner, and wife (I wear all the hats ya’ll!)

YouTube creators make these routine videos look super glamorous and effortless. I mean listen, do people really wake up joyfully every morning, commit to a 20 minute skincare routine, bounce out of bed with makeup and hair done, and cook their family a five course breakfast . . . all before 8AM?

If that’s you, go girl go. Adopt me, please? Let me live with you, maybe?

I’m not necessarily super woman at 6 in the morning, but I get things done. All while keeping the focus on my health, my sanity, and my greatest focus –> my family!

Look at me go:

Anyone else as routine as I am?

xx, tara

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