New Chocolate Shakeology Formula Taste Test

Beachbody recently came out with a new formula for the chocolate Shakeology. Many customers and coaches were unhappy with the previous formula. They felt the texture was off, the smell was grassy, and the after taste was bitter and grassy, as well. Being the amazing company that Beachbody is, they listened. They listened and they took action. And here is what they did. Leaders of Beachbody chose a panel of 2500 people, customers and coaches, and sent those individuals a bunch of different formula mixes. Each person on the panel chose their favorite formula and informed Beachbody of their choice. The formula that was the most liked is now the new formula that will be sold. Thus, the new formula is considered “customer approved.” If you didn’t like the old formula because of the smell and taste, I can almost guarantee you will love this one! That being said, watch the video for my initial reaction to the new taste and a few additional thoughts!


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