Day 2 Ultimate Reset Review

Day two, in short, has been fabulous! Much better than day one by a long shot! Let’s discuss. Last night (day one) I felt so…

Day 1 Ultimate Reset Review

Today completes day one of the Ultimate Reset. I will discuss in a later post why I chose to do the Reset, but for now…

The Breakdown: "Insanity"

Welcome back! Today I decided to start a new series called, “The Breakdown.” In this series I will break down every program I do, as…

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

What is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset? Why do people see such extreme results, safely? What can it do for me? Does it really live up…

New Chocolate Shakeology Formula Taste Test

Beachbody recently came out with a new formula for the chocolate Shakeology. Many customers and coaches were unhappy with the previous formula. They felt the…

The Toughest Workout on DVD: Insanity Results and Statistics

It has been five years since I completed Insanity. Five! Honestly, I’m not quite sure how I want to start this post or where I…

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