Having a Hysterectomy at 28 Years Old: My Story

Note to self –> file this under: Things I never thought I’d share with the internet. Why stop oversharing now? Sooooooo, yea. I am a…

How to Minimize, Manage, and Organize Paper Clutter

Before I share my tips for minimizing and managing paper clutter, I feel like I need to quickly address the elephant in the room; yes…

Closet Declutter KonMari

Cleaning out my Closet! Closet Declutter Using the KonMari Method

Two years ago I realized there was a community of people like me. A community of minimalists who crave a simple life, surrounded by things…

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day as a Minimalist Couple or the Intentional Gal who is Loving Herself

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Real talk, Valentine’s Day receives a lot of flak; “a holiday based on consumerism” they say. But like, who is “they,”…

How I Meal Prep + Additional Tips to Help Simplify Meal Time

Meal time. Meal time, meal time, meal time. . . I cannot even begin to explain to you how big of a stressor meal time…

3 Questions I ask my Children Daily for a More Intentional Relationship

If there is one thing that I am most passionate about, above all things, it’s my children. I am that person. I have always been…

Simplified Planner

5 Steps to Simplifying Your Schedule Featuring The Simplified Planner

If there is one thing in my life that is less than minimal, it’s my schedule. Spoiler alert: I like being busy. But like, actual…

RyAura on Being a new Minimalist and Inspiring the Millennial Woman

Fun fact: So, I started on my minimalism journey nearly two years ago. I had naturally been applying it to so many aspects of my life…

A Planner to Help You Simplify Your Life: The Simplified Planner!

I am a simple girl who likes simple things who writes a blog about simple living. Simple. Honestly, I feel like I can breath a…

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