Christmas Eve Box

A Peek Into our Intentional Christmas Eve Traditions!

Okay okay okay. Look, I know it’s December 26th … making this post a day late and a dollar short (or rather, multiple days late…

Christina Janel Photography

Merry Christmas From our Family to Yours!

It’s currently 7:00, on the night of Christmas. The kids are taking a shower, washing up after a busy day, as my husband and I…

Plant Based Meals

Simple Plant Based Meals to Combat Holiday Overwhelm

Is anyone else sad that Christmas is so soon? I know, that makes no sense coming from the girl who loves Christmas. But like, the…

Viktoria The Lifestyle Files Final

Musings About Deliberate Living with Viktoria of The Lifestyle Files

You know what I love? A modern day woman that just gets it. And by “gets it,” I mean the not so secret secrets of…

Seeking The Magic in The EveryDay With Jayde Scukovic

Oh hellooooo there. Are we loving the new blog? Yay? Nay? Never even knew about the old one? Cool. Well in any case, welcome! Please…

Blissful Delights | Weekend #3

Hey guys! Here we go. Thanksgiving has passed and now we are officially onto the busiest time of the year! I imagine it’s the same…

The Blissful Elefante Logo

Introducing: The Blissful Elefante!

Here we are. Launch day. A day I started to think might never come. Every time I took a step forward, I was forced to…

My Minimalist, Bachelor Pad-esque Inspired Bedroom Tour

Alright, alright, alright (spoken in my best Matthew McConaughey voice.) I’ve got the good good for you toDAY! Okay Tara, chill. Speak (write rather?) like…

Blissful Delights | Weekend #2

If this is your first time reading the “Blissful Delights” series, be sure to read the first post I did a few weeks ago. That post will…

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Tara Creel

The Blissful Elefante is an intentional living blog dedicated to helping the modern day woman simplify her life to free up time for things that matter to her most.







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