I Ran 10 Miles in the Mud . . Well, Kinda!

Tough Mudder Tara Creel

It’s not every day a person slips on their tennis shoes and voluntarily runs through the mud.

Or is it?

Because I totally would! Every day. Let me explain.

A couple of months ago my father-in-law approached us and asked us if we would be interested in doing the Tough Mudder.

Well hi sir. Yes, I’d like to have mud stuck in disturbing areas of my body.

No, but seriously. Sorry. I’m stalling. Backstory of the Creel family: we like to .. uhhh .. how should I put this? Get into things.

Just to name a few things we’ve done as an entire family:
  • The “Sling Shot” (you are catapulted into the air at 3-5 G’s, 390+ feet in the air.)
  • The tallest Sky Coaster in the WORLD (300 ft, approximately 76 MPH.)
  • Hiked up and sledded back down one of Nicaragua’s most active volcanoes.
  • Triathlon
  • Multiple 5ks
  • Repelling/Rock Climbing
  • . . . and more!

Soooooo, when I tell you we do things, we DO THANGS! Catch my drift?

We’re all highly competitive and prefer a good challenge (though, mind you, I do these things with severe anxiety let’s be honest.)

When he came to us with the Tough Mudder proposal I’m just like, “sure. Why not? Sounds easy enough.”

And so we went . . two days in the car there, two days back . . . because, why not?

We went, we had the time of our lives, and now we’re back and I’m here to share the experience with you. If you haven’t watched the video of the actual race, click here. It’s GoPro footage so that’s fun!

Would I do it again? Did I actually finish? Why is my husband so husband (had to!?) Let’s discuss, shall we?

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