My "Shift Shop" Experience, Results, and Review.

Ohh friends, I’ve done it again.

I have completed another Beachbody program!

NOW! A bit of backstory for those of you who are new here.

In 2012, after giving birth to my second child, I was desperate to jump back into a healthy routine. I started and completed Insanity. At that time I was not a coach and had no intentions of being one. I shared my journey on my YouTube channel, as I do most everything else, and my inbox became flooded with messages from individuals asking questions about my experience.

For a couple of months I answered these messages before realizing, hey! I really enjoy helping people. I can totally do this coach thing.

Long story, short . . . I was a Beachbody coach from 2012-2016. Last year I publicly addressed my departure after a ton of soul searching. I realized that my passion was here. This blog. My YouTube channel. I wanted to control my narrative, helping others, without the expectation of “sales” and “referrals.”

At the end of last year I also revealed that I had been dealing with some gnarly health issues. Working out felt impossible. In fact, it was pretty impossible. Because of that, I spent less time working on my outwardly appearance, and had to start focusing on my inward health.

Blah blah blah; all of that to say, this past year I’ve been on the up and up and recently felt ready to start challenging my body again!

Enter: Beachbody’s “The Shift Shop” aka the first program I’ve done without being affiliated with Beachbody as a coach.

Although, p.s. for full transparency, I still have a coaching account for the discounted Shakeology, but I do not work the business and no longer share my journey from a business standpoint. I won’t even share my referral code in this post because my intentions are on my personal journey, not necessarily the program itself. 

So here we go. I’m going to first attach my video diary where I share the journey and my results. Following that I will attach my review of the program, followed by a complete written breakdown.


My “Shift Shop” Experience

My “Shift Shop” Review

The Breakdown

The premise:  Shift Shop is an agility workout program that features the most results-driven training methods to help you get fit and lose weight in just 3 weeks.

Trainer: Chris Downing. Chris is Beachbody’s newest “Super Trainer.” I went into this program knowing nothing about him. Not a single thing. I found myself telling my husband how much I liked his training style. He’s funny. He’s motivational. He said all the right things at the right time. One reason he really sticks out to me as a trainer is because he didn’t just use a “rah rah” approach to motivation. He kept it real. He says “working out is not torture. This program isn’t torture. We are doing good for our bodies and we have fun doing it.” That mental reminder was so crucial in keeping me on track with this program.

Video participants: Such a small part of a program review, but I feel it’s worth mentioning. Unlike the 21 Day Fix where every body shape looked different, the “Shift Shop” participants all were clearly athletes with tight and toned physiques, aside from the moderator who looked like your average, healthy woman. I personally don’t mind this, but for someone who is easily discouraged it may pull you into the “comparison trap.”

Motivation: The motivational aspect of this program is phenomenal. Chris is upbeat and inspirational, while the video participants clearly mesh well with one another. They all cheered each other on and Chris pushes you to give more right alongside his team.

Beachbody Shift Shop Before and After Tara Creel

Beachbody Shift Shop Before and After Tara Creel

Length (days/months): The program is three weeks long, Monday-Saturday with the option to rest on a Sunday or do a recovery type workout.

Length (minutes): Shift Shop is a progressive program, meaning each week the workouts “ramp up,” becoming a little longer and a little more intense. Week one is 25 minutes, week two is 35 minutes, and week three if 45 minutes.

Music: I honestly remember nothing about the music so clearly it isn’t much of a factor for me.

Exercises/discs: The exercises in this program are unlike any I have ever done. That being said, I’ve never done an agility based program so perhaps that’s not saying much? While I became bored with the overall program itself due to the repetitiveness, I found the exercises to be very engaging and they kept me on my toes. I personally found the cardio based days to be much more difficult than the strength workouts, but I felt a nice burn in my glutes during the strength days so I felt like I was getting a proper workout! I took it relatively easy in comparison to programs past, but you can definitely up the intensity by upping your weight or moving quicker during the agility exercises.

Level of intensity: Moderate to intense. It is not as challenging as Insanity, but depending on your fitness level, it will be a challenge. There is a moderator for every single disc so you are able to adjust the workouts accordingly.

Nutrition plan: I cannot speak on the nutrition plan whatsoever because I did not follow it. I kept with my plant based lifestyle throughout the three weeks. If you plan on following the nutrition plan I would highly recommend drinking Shakeology because the plan cuts out carbs and you might struggle with your energy levels.

Who it is meant for: I don’t know who Shift Shop is marketed towards, but I believe anyone can do it, regardless of their fitness level. As someone who has been out of the game for awhile, I found the weekly “ramp up” refreshing. It helped me jump back into a workout routine without feeling overwhelmed, and continued to challenge me more each week. That being said, since I’ve been doing the accelerated programs like “Focus T25” it was hard for me to maintain focus during a 45 minute workout. You can lessen the intensity or lower the weight should you need to and there are modifiers you can follow in every workout.

If you have any more questions regarding “Shift Shop” feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Beachbody Shift Shop Before and After Tara Creel

Beachbody Shift Shop Before and After Tara Creel

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