5 Steps to Simplifying Your Schedule Featuring The Simplified Planner

If there is one thing in my life that is less than minimal, it’s my schedule.

Spoiler alert: I like being busy.

But like, actual busy. Productive busy. Not busy doing random things throughout my days that do not benefit my family or my business.

However, I also love down time. Intentional bonding with my children and husband. The calm in the midst of the storm. Know what I mean?

I’m a walking, talking contradiction it seems.

But here’s the thing; I simplify my schedule in a way that allows me to be an active member of society, work my business, give my children the opportunity to participate in multiple sports and extra curricular activities; and still have time in our days to spend with each other. This happens by creating systems that free up my time and simplify the process, day to day.

In the following video I break down 5 things that I do to simplify my schedule to make for a more productive, more fulfilled me.

The Simplified Planner Week Day View

If you haven’t read my breakdown/review of The Simplified Planner, be sure to do that first HERE. There is no way I could be as productive without it!

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