Get the Skinny: Meet Lifestyle Badass, Lauryn Evarts!

Ready to get the skinny? I’m ready to give it to you!

Lauryn Evarts

Lauryn Evarts

It’s been a major goal of mine this past year to start introducing you guys to my favorite bloggers and YouTubers.

And oohhhhhh man do I have a treat for YOU!

Today I am introducing you to someone who is one of the most influential bloggers and fyi, my favorite blogger for the past two years!

Lauryn Evarts is the GIRLBOSS behind The Skinny Confidential, a lifestyle and wellness blog that keeps shit REAL! She’s as down to earth as they come discussing taboo topics such as enemas (oh yea, she went there!) boob jobs (!!,) coconut oil as lube (!!!) . . . are you catching my drift? Stuff goes DOWN on her blog and I freaking LOVE IT!

Since I am currently doing (and loving!) Lauryn’s Bombshell Body Guide, I thought it could be fun to have her on the blog today to discuss everything health, wellness, and over all bad-assness!

Enjoy a sneak peek into her genius mind:

[What was the motive behind starting the Skinny Confidential blog?]
+I was in college at San Diego State, frustrated with the lack of healthy food options. I noticed all of the women on campus had different ideas about how to make college life healthier. I felt inspired to create a community where women could share their tips & tricks, and empower each other to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.
The Skinny Confidential
[You write a lifestyle blog. You’ve created a body guide for all women. You design websites. You speak at events. I could go on because you’re basically Super Woman. It’s obvious from your work that you are passionate about the message you are sending out to the world. How do you do it all? What drives you? Please tell us it’s a pill we can pick up at the drugstore!]
+Unfortunately, there is no magic pill… For me, it’s honestly been all about the slow, natural progression of TSC. It started with the blog & a few social media accounts. When you feel on top of everything, you add a little more onto your plate, a few more social media platforms & a design company. You build a strong team, then maybe you add a product. For me it was The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide. Then your team grows a little more, & you put our more content. Michael & I just launched the Him & Her Podcast. Who knows what will come next!
Him and Her Podcast
[Let’s talk day-to-day habits. Being that you have created a lifestyle empire, do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the newest health trends and fads? How do you decide which ones to incorporate into your daily routine?]
+I’m game to try anything, AFTER I do my research. Diet fads will always come & go, but generally if you’re putting good things in your body, exercising regularly, & taking care of your skin, you’re going to be healthy. I look at my diet like balancing a checkbook. It’s all about balance.
The skinny Confidential
[Favorite go-to meal]

+chips & salsa HANDS DOWN.

 [If you had to give your top tips for balancing a busy schedule and your health, what would you share with others?]

+Keep a calendar, plan out your day, time block, & avoid multi tasking.

 [Quick skinny tips or tricks]

+Take breaks to walk, do a few crunches, or a couple of jumping jacks. The problem with the heavy reliance on modern technology is we are all increasingly inactive. Do what you can to get your blood pumping, your body moving, & avoid stagnation.

 [Tell us about your amazing Bombshell Body Guide]

+The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide is a 28 week program design to SERIOUSLY kickstart your healthy lifestyle. There are weekly schedules, workout routines to shock and tone your muscles & shred stubborn fat. There is also a membership portion of the guide which gives people access to new recipes, workouts, nutrition info, meal planning tips, & more every single month!

Bombshell Body Guide
[What are some of your future goals with the Skinny Confidential brand; short and long term?]

+I have so many goals for The Skinny Confidential. To put it plainly, I hope to continue to add value to readers no matter what it is I’m doing. I’m really loving using new platforms to engage & connect with readers one on one. Right now, I’m focusing on The Him & Her Podcast, as well as developing a new product line ( STAY TUNED! ).

 Go ahead and follow this gal on Snapchat. Trust me, you won’t regret it! She’s a good time –> @LaurynEvarts

The Skinny Confidential Book


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