The Breakdown: "Insanity"

Welcome back! Today I decided to start a new series called, “The Breakdown.” In this series I will break down every program I do, as well as each nutritional supplement I use, and further more. There are always questions being asked about a certain program, so I think there is no better way to share my feelings and experiences than to break it down, one by one. I am someone who will ask others how they felt about something long before I will search for it on google. In my opinion, experience trumps “sales pitch.”

“Insanity” with Trainer Shaun T


Trainer: Shaun T. I now have a deep appreciation for Shaun T. He is experienced, motivating, and a great leader! He ran track in high school and college and used that experience, lessons learned, and athlete/coaching techniques to create a program that is challenging and effective!

Video Participants Physique: This is a big one for many people, including myself! The participants in this video were fit, toned, and excited about the workout. They were clearly exhausted, in every video, but pushed through to the end, with proper form and high intensity. Seeing their bodies made me want to dig deeper and get better results!

Motivation: Both the trainer and video participants were incredibly motivating. They continued to cheer throughout the workouts and were clearly enjoying themselves. Shaun T consistently pumps up the group and makes sure to remind them to use proper form at all times. He says things in the videos that are enlightening, motivating, and make me laugh!

Length (in months): This program is 60 days long. In my opinion, if all it takes to get extreme results [like I did] is two months, I’m in! Short and gets the job done!

Length (in minutes): 45-60 minutes per disc. I would much rather prefer to push out intense activity for 30 minutes, but I always kept in mind that there are two stretch sequences in each video which accounts for about 10 minutes of the workout. I recommend pacing yourself in the beginning so you can regulate your intensity through the the entire workout or even watching one or two of the videos through before performing.

Music: The music is fun, yet “aggressive.” It pumps you up and helps you keep rhythm.

Exercises: The exercises are great! I love that the entire program is done using nothing but your body. It shows that a person does not need an expensive gym membership to get results. You would think, having multiple discs, that the moves would be repeated over and over again, but they are not. Shaun T keeps it fresh and challenging the whole way through, using a wide variety of moves!

Level of Intensity: Advanced. This video is a challenge. In fact, it has been dubbed “the hardest workout on disc.” If you are not looking to be challenged and pushed to your limits, this program is not for you!

Doubling up Workouts: Only one disc should be completed per day. This program is incredibly intense, putting a lot of wear and tear on the body. Your body needs time to recuperate and refuel. Doing two different disc on one day is too taxing on the body and can have detrimental effects.

Tools Included: Insanity Guide Book, Challenge, Nutritional Guide, Online Support, 10 different discs, and a bonus disc for a quick workout.

Nutrition Plan: The nutrition guide that comes with the program is superb. To be honest, I looked at the recipes and thought, no way can these be good. They were too simple. I was wrong! I enjoyed every single recipe I tried in the guide (I can’t say the same for other programs,) and my family did, as well. The foods were enjoyable, filling, and provided me with the fuel I needed to get through the programs. Using the recipes, alongside the program, I lost 15 pounds!

Who it is Meant for: Advanced “athletes.” However, I would go a little further than that. In my opinion, this program is for a much wider range of individuals. My brother, who had not ran in years and was over 200 pounds, did this program the whole way through, losing a ton of weight. When people come to me inquiring about Insanity, I tell them it is not for the weak minded. You can lower the intensity to adjust to your athletic ability, but if you are not willing to challenge yourself, you will not complete this program. I consider myself to be incredibly fit and the second month of this program was a challenge for me. Not physically, but mentally. I was ready to be done with it and move on to something a little less intense. If you have a true desire to lose weight or get fit, you will be able to complete the full 60 days. If not, start with a program that is marketed towards less advanced athletes.

Additional Programs: Insanity en espanol, Insanity: The Asylum 1, and Insanity: The Asylum 2.


Additional questions? Leave them in the comment section below and I will be sure to include them in this post!

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