Ultimate Reset Day 4 Review

Day four was just as great as day three, probably better! I’m going to try and keep this a little shorter today because, honestly, I’m not feeling much out of the usual. There isn’t too much to report. Then again, key word: TRY.

Day4Collage I had no aches today. None at all. Not even my lower back. However, I didn’t do my walk today either but I figured it’s okay because I rarely sit during the day and am moving constantly, aka walking. The biggest difference today is that I felt energized. Inspired. Two weeks ago I got really sick for three, almost four, days and it really threw me off. I’m behind on EVERYTHING. Work, personal life.. all of it. But now I am finally feeling the energy to complete tasks and I feel excited to share my story and help others again! I’m feeling creative. I’m feeling… happy!

Sleep has improved enormously. I was waking up 5-6 times a night for what I thought was to pee, but now [on the Reset] I am drinking more and waking up only once, sometimes twice per night. That is a huge improvement. I am waking up earlier feeling more rested than ever! Oh! And I didn’t crash today. Normally around 4 I started getting really worn down. Not today!

Food was extremely filling today. For the first time after a meal, I felt full. Not even just full… excessively full (but in a good way.) I was truly satisfied after each meal and didn’t dread waiting for the next. The food thus far has been absolutely fabulous. The only thing I haven’t enjoyed is the asparagus the first day. Since then, I’ve loved it all. My husband has taken bites and has asked me to make some of the meals after the Reset! I am pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying the meals, that’s for sure! Day four’s meals were some of the best yet, which is funny considering I was dreading them. I’m not a big pepper person. I eat them, but not with pleasure. Day four’s dinner was heavy on red peppers. And guess what? I loved it! In this case, it was all about the seasoning!




I was so excited to have a plate full of fruit today! It was a nice change up for the week.



The alkalinize is not as bad as people make it out to be. Really. It’s not great, but it’s doable as a shot. Add some lemon and you’re good to go! It taste like grass. But it’s 3 oz. I suck it up because it’s worth it!


lunch copy Lunch2

Nori rolls were much better the second time around. I made the rice stickier and spread the avocado out more as to add moisture. The green lentil salad was much better, as well, because I allowed it to marinate for three hours. My husband loves that one!



The snack wasn’t necessarily needed, but I was a bit hungry so I decided why not. I didn’t have whole grain crackers, so the Reset creators told me I could do two boiled eggs, instead of one. I love eggs!





Dinner was the best meal of the day. Incredibly filling. So many different flavors and textures. Everything about it was satisfying. All of the flavors blended together flawlessly. I can’t say enough good things about this meal. The cucumber tomato salad was my favorite and something I will be adding into my usual diet!

I’ve mentioned it in the past, but it still stands; the most difficult thing about this process is cooking for the family. Not because I necessarily want their food. I am thoroughly enjoying my own. The problem is the mind game. I eat well as it is and only drink water day to day. So on a normal day, if I want that mexican bread from down the street, I’m going to eat that mexican bread from down the street! Why? Because it’s fine. I eat clean and work out twice a day (intense workouts.) If I want the bread, I can have the bread. Last night I made macaroni bites for the family and I found myself thinking, “it’s fine. You’re not doing this to lose weight. You can have one bite. Because, why not?” But, I didn’t. I don’t want to cheat myself. I want to experience this journey as it is meant to be experienced. Also, the prep work is a little tedious. I think more so for me than others. I am slow to cook. On the Reset and off. I am that person that turns a 30 minute meal into an hour. I really embrace the process of cooking and prepping, and I don’t like to miss a beat. If this is you, you will spend a good amount of your day in the kitchen (even with things already prepped.)

Day four is in the books and I thrilled for day five!


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