Gimme Gimme Vegan ChickPea and Rice Soup

Guys! Let me tell you about THIS soup! I thought I’d have to give up tasty soups when I switched to a vegan diet. I was SO wrong!

Vegan Chickpea and Rice Soup

Okay, back up, rewind. If you’ve been following me for like … any amount of time … it’s probably no surprise to you that I am a creature of habit. I like change, but I thrive on routine <– walking, talking contradiction, I know.

When I switched to a “vegan diet” I lived off of Deliciously Ella’s recipes for WEEKS! They were so quick, so easy, basically so me.

Theeeennnnn I started to branch out a bit. I craved comfort foods. Meals with more substance than just my typical sweet potatoes, avocados, and quinoa.

Chickpea and Rice Soup Tara Creel

Enter: Pinterest {duh}

Now please know, I am NO cook. In fact, I don’t even like being in the kitchen unless I’m baking. If you see a recipe it’s either one I found and loved (credit is given where credit is due,) one my husband taught me, or one that I found and played around with until it was to my liking.

(P.S. – I make BOMB [non vegan] chocolate chip cookies. I found a recipe YEARS ago, messed with it a bit, and created the perf recipe. You’ll love them [if you’re not vegan] promise.)

Anyways, back to my point. While I was browsing I came across Post Punk Kitchen (fun, right?) Turns out there are TONS of soups you can cook that don’t contain milks, creams, and butters. Who knew?

So I landed on this Vegan Chickpea and Rice soup and was SOLD! I eat this soup WEEKLY, religiously. It is my GO-TO so, duh, I wanted to bring it to the blog to share with you.

Chickpea and Rice Soup Tara Creel

Annnnywho, I won’t keep you. Just check out her recipe, cook some up, and enjoy! And then come back and tell me what your favorite vegan meal is (soup or otherwise.)

x, Tara

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