Vegan Update + Giveaway, Exhaustion, and House Tour?

It has been a few months since I made the decision to switch to a vegan, or rather plant based diet.

When I first made the decision, I did so without any real pressure or expectation. I did not want to restrict myself or feel guilty for eating something that contained ingredients produced by an animal. At the time I had a pretty severe sushi addiction so it was convinced I couldn’t give up fish.

Vegan Update

Now we’re here. Three months later.

It’s time for an update!

As I mentioned in the video, every day has not been easy. Some days are definitely easier than others. The switch wasn’t too severe considering I have always eaten a primarily plant based diet. In the home. Outside of the home, I would indulge. Usually pastas loaded with cheese, or fish.

Today I can say with confidence that I am glad I made the choice. I feel so much better about eating foods that truly fuel my body. These foods are sustainable. I am bettering myself and my environment and I am excited to continue experimenting with the lifestyle!

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Deliciously Ella

Thug Kitchen

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